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 Greetings fellow creatures of the night, a hot new collection just dropped from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The Pink Religion Collection has arrived! 

Everything in this collection is absolutely stunning. The packaging and design of this collection are completely unique and one of a kind. The only thing I wish could have been added to this collection is a black variant of the Chrome Cross Mirrors to cater to my goth little soul.

I managed to snag the Pink Religion Palette and the Holy Mist Soothing Spray. I really wanted to get one of the Chrome Cross Mirrors but in the end, decided to go with the Holy Mist Spray because it's a brand new item and I was curious to test it out. I'm completely blown away by all the level of love, care, and detail that went into this collection. Pink was one of my first favorite colors as a child and I adore the entire aesthetic of this collection. 

What are you going to snag from this collection before it's gone? 

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