New Items From Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Velvet Trap Lipsticks

 Greetings fellow creatures of the night, something new has dropped from JSC the Velvet Trap Lipsticks. These are an all-new design and formula in comparison with the Lip Ammunition.

As you can see the lipstick comes in this bubblegum pink packaging and has the JSC logo imprinted and embossed all over the lipstick so pretty. I love all of the unique and special care they put into every single product they put out absolutely beautifully crafted. There are 20 shades in total, some are popular shades from the liquid lipstick range like Celebrity Skin, Dominatrix, Jawbreaker, and Unicorn Blood.

Here are a couple of bundles for those of you who either want to get the full collection or only certain shade ranges. 

This is a very well rounded collection, you have your neutral shades for everyday wear, some brights, and fun bolder colors. That way there's something for everyone. Personally, I prefer shades like So Jaded, Pure Hell, Medieval Kiss, Drill Sergeant, but I also enjoy shades like Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood. What shades do you gravitate towards? Which ones will you be picking up from this collection? Let me know in the comments below I love hearing from all of you. 



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