My Scary Eyes Scary Green Werewolf Contact Lenses Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent the Scary Green Werewolf Contact Lenses for testing and review purposes from My Scary Eyes. I was really excited because I knew these would be perfect for dozens of different looks, and that they would match my hair perfectly. The Scary Green Werewolf Contact Lenses are very comfortable t wear, and are even easier to apply. These can be worn for long periods of time, with no discomfort or drying out! I have sensitive eyes, and I experience zero irritation from these lenses.

My Scary Eyes contact lenses are extremely oxygen permeable, basically, that means that they breathe great while on your eyes. My favorite aspect is the free shipping on all your orders! I feel like I’m far more inclined, to purchase from a company that offers free shipping. So don’t hesitate, stop by My Scary Eyes and pick up a pair of contacts, they have tons of different styles to choose from. They literally have a style of contact lenses for everyone, whether you prefer more natural colored lenses or bold colored lenses you can find something to meet your needs.

Here’s a close up of my eye with the contacts in:

I hope you all are having a fangtastic week!

The Scary Green Werewolf Contact Lenses were sent to me by My Scary Eyes for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own!

Special thank you to My Scary Eyes, you guys rock!

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