My Favorite Types Of Hair For Everyday And Halloween

Hello beauties, shine, shine, shine! Today I'm going to be talking to you all about my favorite types of hair and the best places to purchase them from. I've been actively beauty blogging and creating makeup tutorials for over 7 years now on here and YouTube. About 2 years in I knew that my looks and channel were missing something to give it that little extra something to tie the looks together and take them to the next level. This is where I first stepped into the world of wearing wigs but where to begin. At the time I was obsessed with Monster High and all the wonderful spooky characters with beautiful bold makeup looks. 

The first look that I ever did that was a full complete costume with the wig was for Jinafire Long, she's a Chinese dragon and had the most amazing look to her. So I purchased the full costume which luckily enough happened to come with the wig.

Once I created this full look with the wig I was hooked and became obsessed with wigs. First and foremost this wig isn't super high-quality hair or anything but that doesn't make me love it any less. So from then on when I went to create a look I wanted to make sure that I had amazing hair to complete my looks and take it to the next level. So I started researching what sites other beauty bloggers were used to purchase from, and the types of wigs they were using. I'm someone who is more of budget-friendly hair kind of girl vs a girl who can just $500-$1,000 on a wig. My budget ran roughly $35 and under when I was first starting out. The next place I discovered that had an amazing variety of colors, styles and budget-friendly wigs was this lovely place called Anime Stuff Store & Purple Plum. I was blown away by all the choices available and their price range was exactly $35 with shipping so that worked out perfectly for me. Their wigs helped me create many characters looks over the years.

This one was for Abby Bombinable the daughter of the Abominable Snowman. The wig featured here is the Ayumi in Blonde Pastel Mix.

This was for Twyla daughter of the Boogie Man and the wig featured here is the Ayumi in Mint Green.

Here's one that I used to create this fun glitter Halloween look that I entered in a contest many years ago. This one was the Ayumi wig in Black Colorful Blend. 

Here's a look I created two years ago when I went as Poison Ivy for Halloween. The wig featured here is the Ayumi in Crimson Red. This wig has got the most use out of all of them I have created several looks and characters with this wig. 

The next wig I used to create this lovely bold look for a character called Amanita Nightshade. The wig featured here is a slightly different style than the previous wigs featured this one is called the Meiko in Indigo Purple and Peacock Blue. This is one of my absolute favorites because of the unique colors.

Here's one where I used that Ayumi Pastel Mixed hair for Lagoona Blue to create this super fun look. 

This was one of my favorite looks that created two years ago, the wig featured here is a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Wig. The ears on it were originally brown but I dyed them purple to match the skin-tone I needed them to be for the character. 

Another great place to find wigs are on Amazon, I've bought several wigs from there and have never been disappointed. I do recommend reading the reviews from the buyers though before purchasing so you don't end up with something you didn't want.

As you can tell I love wigs, there are also many different types of wigs. Synthetic wigs are some of the most common and the ones I like to purchase. There are also wigs called Lacefront which come in both Synthetic Hair and Human Hair. Lace front wigs have taken the internet by storm depending on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. Human Hair wigs are by far the most realistic looking wigs, but they're also the most expensive and can range from $300-$1000 depending on what you're wanting. The cool thing about Human Hair wigs is that you can dye them any range of colors that you want. Personally, I prefer Synthetic Wigs and Synthetic Lace front wigs. 
This is one of my favorite Synthetic Lace front wigs, it's from a company called Wig Is Fashion. They have the best wigs when it comes to high-quality realistic looking hair. I came across their site on Instagram and have been a huge fan ever since. If you're not into multi-colored hair they also have beautiful natural colors like Blonde, Brown, Black or Red. I just happen to be a huge fan of bold colors so I always choose the most unique and colorful wigs. What's great about Wig Is Fashion is they offer the Human Hair Wigs too along with the Synthetic so there is literally something for everyone. 
If you're not a fan of wigs or the weight on your head that comes along with wearing wigs then I highly recommend checking into hair extensions. Hair extensions are great for ladies who love dying their hair or want their hair to look more full and voluminous. I came across this amazing Hair Extension guide with really neat hair history articles, check it out it's a fantastic read Hair Extension Guide
Hair is really great way to change your everyday look or to help you bring your Halloween Costume together or to take your Cosplay to the next level. 

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