Monster High: Clawdeen Wolf Great Scarrier Reef Makeup Tutorial Featuring Spooky Eyes Avatar Contact Lenses Review!


Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine! Today I have a really fun new look for you all, to continue my Great Scarrier Reef series. This look would work great for those who are interested in cosplaying Monster High’s Clawdeen Wolf character, from the Great Scarrier Reef line, or even those interested in dressing up as Clawdeen Wolf for Halloween. It might even be a fun way to try something new, for some of you who are interested in stepping out of your normal everyday wearable looks.




Clawdeen Wolf Great Scarrier Reef Cover


This look happens to be a part of my Great Scarrier Reef series, that I’m currently on my YouTube as well as here on my blog. The series will feature a total of 10 looks for 10 different characters. The Great Scarrier Reef line was created by Monster High, and is sort of a dark mermaid theme. I was super thrilled when they released this line, and couldn’t wait to recreate these gorgeous looks! I feel like this look is completely different from all the other looks typical for the character Clawdeen Wolf. The one thing that I think caught my attention the most about this look, is the gorgeous purple toned skin. Once I complete this series, I will be revisiting the 13 Wishes Series, Freak Du Chic Series, & The Sweet Screams Series.


Clawdeen Wolf Great Scarrier Reef Full Face Look


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Spooky Eyes – Contacts in Avatar

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Product Review:


A couple weeks ago, I was sent the Avatar Contact Lenses by Spooky Eyes for testing and review purposes. I was thrilled because I knew these would be perfect for a variety of looks, such as Monster High’s Clawdeen Wolf, Monster High’s Howleen Wolf, and several other characters. The Avatar Contact Lenses super comfortable to wear, and even easier to apply. They can be worn for long periods of time without drying out or any discomfort! I have very sensitive eyes, and these don’t bother or irritate my eyes in anyway.

Spooky Eyes contact lenses seem to be very oxygen permeable, what I mean by that is that they breathe quite nicely. One of my favorite aspects of this company is, the free shipping on all of your orders! So don’t hesitate, stop by Spooky Eyes and pick up a pair of contacts, they have tons of different styles to choose from. They literally have a style of contact lenses for everyone, whether you prefer more natural colored lenses or bold colored lenses you can find something to meet your needs.


Here’s a close up of the eye with the contacts in:


Clawdeen Wolf Great Scarrier Reef Makeup Open Eye


I hope you all had a fangtastic Easter weekend!



The Avatar Contact Lenses were sent to me by Spooky Eyes for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own!

Special thank you to the Spooky Eyes team, you guys rock! 



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