Monster High: Twyla Freak Du Chic Makeup Tutorial Featuring Review Of OhMyLashx Desiree Lashes!

Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine! Today I have a really fun new look for you all, to kick off my new series. This look would work well for those interested in Cosplaying Monster High’s Twyla character, from the Freak Du Chic line or even those interested in going as her for Halloween. It might even be fun for some of you who are interested in stepping out of your normal everyday wearable looks, and trying something new.

This is part of my new Freak Du Chic series, that I’ll be featuring on my YouTube channel as well as here on my blog. The series will feature 8 different looks for 8 different characters. The Freak Du Chic line was created by Monster High, and is sort of a dark circus/carnival theme. I was super thrilled when they released this line, and couldn’t wait to recreate these gorgeous looks! Once I’ve finished off this series, I will be revisiting the 13 Wishes series & starting the Boo York Series, the Great Scarrier Reef Series which I think you all will love the most because it’s based off of mermaids.
Twyla Freak Du Chic Full Face Look

List Of Products:

Korpse Kosmetics – Apollo From The Like The Gods Collection
Lime Crime – Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn
Lime Crime – Lipstick in D’Lilac
Make Up Forever – Flash Palette Dark Blue
NYX – Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Oh My Lash – Desiree Lashes From The Sweetheart Collection
Spooky Eyes – Contacts in Banshee
Sugarpill – Lucid (Limited Edition), Soot & Stars, Bulletproof
Wig – Ayumi in Mint Green
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Product Review:

These are the Desiree Lashes from The Sweetheart Collection by Oh My Lash! I enjoyed these lashes, I can see them working well for loads more of my character looks. These aren’t as lightweight as some of the other lashes in this set, which is fine it didn’t bother me. I did have a little difficulty when it came the inner corners, but all that require is a l little more reshaping on my part. I don’t feel like these would be good lashes for beginners, these lashes require a more practiced hand to work with. Oh My Lash always provides wonderful high quality lashes in tons of different styles.
Be sure to check out Oh My Lash, you’ll love it they truly have a lash style for everyone!
Twyla Freak Du Chic Open Eye 1
Here’s a close up of what they look like on. I think they’re a more dramatic lash, but they provide a ton of volume and blend extremely well with your natural lashes. The Desiree Lashes retail for $2.25.
On to the packaging, I love the adorable red pin-up style on the packaging. It has a vintage look and a modern look at the same time. The packaging for this collection is super cute! The pinstripes on the back are cute, and I enjoy how it transitions from polka dots on the front to stripes on the back. Oh My Lash really goes all out on their packaging of all their products. It’s always unique and fun patterns & colors.
I always enjoy it when companies put extra effort into their packaging. Oh My Lash offers a wide variety of lashes for very affordable prices. So you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have premium quality lashes. Give Oh My Lash a try today, you won’t be disappointed! They’re always having some kind of amazing sales going on.
Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to lashes, so I’m going to put up a kind of Lash 101 video and cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about lashes. Be on the lookout for that video in the next couple of weeks. Things have been so hectic around here, my son just turned 9 and we’re trying to get everything prepared for back to school.
I hope everyone enjoyed my Twyla Freak Du Chic Makeup Tutorial! Have a fangtastic weekend! If you have any ideas for looks you would like to see, or items you would be interested in for a giveaway let me know down in the comments, I love hearing from you all!


I am an affiliate of Oh My Lash, but that in no way sways my opinion on this product. My reviews are 100% honest and unbiased. I only share products I generally love on my blog. However, I did purchase all the lashes in this post myself.

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