Overview of the Electrolux Live Cook Off!

Earlier this afternoon, I tuned in to the Electrolux Live Cook-Off on Food52.

Each chef prepared the same cauliflower dish the difference being the method they used to cook the dish. Chef Camille prepared her dish using the Electric Cooktop, Chef Jennifer cooked her dish using the Induction Cooktop, and Chef Phoebe cooked on the Gas Range Stove.
The electric cooktop takes a little more time to cook thing, so you have to factor in the time to preheat it. The gas range seemed to cook just fine, which is what I happen to have in my house. Overall it seemed like the induction cooktop is the more superior method of cooking, when compared to gas and electric. With the votes tallied, they chose Chef Camille as the winning dish for presentation. I absolutely agree with that decision, it was a beautiful dish and appeared to have more finesse than the other dishes.
It was fun following along with the live cook-off and chatting alongside my fellow Influensters. I know that when I go to a buy a new stove I will be investing in an induction cooktop, to help accommodate my family's lifestyle. The ability to boil water in 90 seconds and keep things at the perfect temp, is something I need in my life to take the guess work out of temp gauging. I always enjoy the new fun things the Influenster team comes up with!

Be sure to check out this article about induction:


A special thank you to Influenster for letting me be a part of this experience!


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