Product Review: Featuring Pond's Luminous Finish BB Cream!

Around a month ago, I received a huge package on my porch from Influenster. I was in shock because normally the Vox Boxes are way smaller in size comparison. I knew I was going to be reviewing a BB Cream, so I didn't understand why they needed such a huge box.
When I opened the box this is the first thing I saw. The most beautiful neon, hot pink mirror I had ever laid my eyes on! I began to squeal with glee at the sight of such a gorgeous addition to the box. As luck would have it, my own makeup mirror was broken so this made a fantastic replacement. Then I noticed that the mirror had something inside of it.
Not just one but two BB Creams and they're from Pond's!
I was simply over the moon, at the sight of this gorgeous pink packaging. It came with the shades light and medium. This is really great, especially if you find that you're a shade in between, because you can actually mix the two to achieve your desired shade. I happen to be the shade fair and it's a perfect match for my skin. I was blown away by that aspect alone, because I have such an odd red undertone. Which makes it extremely difficult to find the right shade, it's always way too light or too dark. The BB Cream is wonderful!
DSCF3456 The packaging on this product is simply stunning! It's sleek, pink, and very functional.
Here are my swatches:
As you can tell from the swatches the light is barely visible, because it's so close to my skin-tone. I took the photos while the swatches were still wet. The product itself dries down to a matte finish. My skin-type is Very Dry so the best way I have found to use this product, is to apply my moisturizer before applying the BB Cream. If you don't have dry skin, then I would skip this step.
The fun is not over yet, at the bottom of the box I found this. It's 4 more BB Creams! 2 in the shade light and 2 in the shade medium. I plan on doing a giveaway very soon, to give you all a chance to try this out for yourself.
My favorite features of Pond's BB Cream:
  • SPF 15
  • Matte Finish
  • Non-greasy or Oily
  • Perfect Skin-Tone Match
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Super Lightweight
  • Visibly Reduces Dark Spots To Provide A More Even Skin-tone
  • Superior Coverage Of Imperfections
  • Reduces The Amount Of Products Needed To Start My Morning

    Retails For:
One of my initial concerns when trying a product, is whether or not I will have some sort of a reaction to it. I have hyper-sensitive skin, so I can easily have a reaction to a product. The fact that this product is hypoallergenic is a huge selling point for me, and helped ease my fears. Pond's BB Cream is so lightweight, you don't even feel like you're wearing anything on your face! Which is wonderful for the summertime, I live in a place where the humidity is almost always 70% or higher. Basically, you feel like you're living in the Amazon, haha. So when I go out, I can't wear anything heavy or else it starts melting off my face. This is ever lighter than most tinted moisturizers I've tried, and that's really saying something. Pond's has been a household brand of my family for generations. Thinking back now, the first skin care product I ever tried when I was young was my mother's Pond's Cold Cream. I love that Pond's has jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon, because they have nailed it right on the head with this product.     
Glam Kitty Approved
Out of all of the boxes I've reviewed from Influenster, this is by far my favorite. A very special thank you to both Pond's and Influenster for letting me participate in this program.
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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