Wicked Wednesday: A Korpse Kosmetics Look, Review, and Swatches! (Pic Heavy)

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Here is a look I created using Rockeresque Beauty shadows and Korpse Kosmetics Glitter. I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, so it's a day late. This is a great way for all you neutral lovers to incorporate glitter, into a wearable look. Today I'm going to be reviewing the Ultimate Glitter Stacker from Korpse Kosmetics, as well as some individual glitters from their line. 
(For some reason I had a glitter malfunction on my one eye. Not sure what happened there!) 
Neutral Look With Glitter
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  • Korpse Kosmetics - Glitter Stacker Glitter in Cleopatra
  • Lime Crime - Opaque Lipstick in Coquette
  • My Beauty Addiction - Twinkle FX in Gold
  • My Beauty Addiction - Glitter Fix Adhesive
  • Rockeresque Beauty Company - Cocoa Bang Bang
  • Rockeresque Beauty Company - Platinum Blonde

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Swatches Part 1
(Left To Right Top: Crystal Ball, Immortal, Bite Me, Lotus Flower, Elektra)
(Left To Right Bottom: Cleopatra, Bling Bling, Toxxxic, Ghoul)
Swatched Over Glitter Fix Adhesive From My Beauty Addiction
Swatches Part 2
(Left To Right Top: V.V.I.P, BBC, Intuitive, Ghoul)
(Left To Right Bottom: BBC, Pixie, Bird Of Paradise, Unicorn Blood)
Swatched Over Glitter Fix Adhesive From My Beauty Addiction
(Crystal Ball)
(Crystal Ball - is a nice frosty white glitter. It leans more on the sheer side, so it would be great layered over almost anything. If you want more of the white aspect of the glitter, then I recommend layer it over a matte white eye shadow.)
(Immortal - is a silver glitter. This is a perfect glitter for this time of year with Christmas right around the corner, as well as New Years Eve. Definitely, a glitter you must have in your collection for the holidays.)
(Bite Me)
(Bite Me - is the most gorgeous shade of red for a glitter that I've ever seen. It looks like crushed rubies, it's a must have if you love the color red. This is a great color for Christmas time, and even can be used for around Valentines Day. The pics do this color no justice at all!)
(Cleopatra - is a golden glitter that leans more on a bronze champagne side. This is a great glitter that can be used all year around. If you're wanting to incorporate glitter into your makeup routine, and bright colors are too much for you, then I highly recommend this as your first glitter.)
(Bling Bling)
(Bling Bling - is not your average gold glitter. It's not all the way gold or all the way yellow, it's the perfect in-between to achieve this brilliant shade. This works great for the holiday seasons, and is so pretty you could wear it year around.)
(Toxxxic - is a dream come true emerald green glitter. This is a top favorite of mine! It can be used during the holiday seasons, and can even work great for St. Patrick's Day. If you're addicted to the color green like me, pick this up right away!)
(Ghoul - is a sapphire blue glitter. I am in love with this one! The pictures don't do it any justice, it's just phenomenal. Perfect for this winter season, to add a brilliant sparkle to your cool icy hues. The reason you see it swatched twice, is because the first one comes in the Ultimate Glitter Stacker. The 2nd is because I purchased the individual glitter of Ghoul.)
(V.V.I.P - is a light grape almost lavender purple glitter. This one isn't limited to just the holiday season, and can be worn anytime in my opinion.)
(BBC - is a dark purple glitter. When I see this I instantly think Beetlejuice. This one is nothing short of amazing and will look amazing in some holiday party looks.The reason you see it swatched twice, is because the first one comes in the Ultimate Glitter Stacker. The 2nd is because I was given the individual glitter of BBC in my Black Friday order.)
(Intuitive - is a yellow based glitter. I really like this one because it's not a color of glitter you usually see. This is a perfect glitter to kick off spring, summer, or fall.)
(Unicorn Blood)
(Unicorn Blood - is a uniquely blended glitter with light blue, purple and pink, and silver glitter. I really like this one because I've never seen this color combination, in the form of a glitter.)
(Elektra - is an unbelievable holographic glitter. This is number one must have glitter and my all time favorite! Sparkles the most and pics don't do it justice, but the swatch comes close.)
(Bird Of Paradise)
(Bird Of Paradise - is a gorgeous bright light blue glitter. This glitter is so pretty when applied as you can tell from the swatches.)
(Pixie - is a lighter shade of pink glitter. This one is unique because it is a blended pink glitter. It comes off really unique looking when applied. For some reason, my camera wasn't cooperating with the picture of the label.)
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I adore everything Korpse Kosmetics, they never cease to amaze me time and again with their amazing products. I'm absolutely thrilled with everything I purchased! The glitters are my new favorite, so be expecting tons of looks with glitter. The glitters are a wonderful consistency, so soft and smooth not grainy or chunky like some glitters tend to be. They apply very easy and you don't need a lot, a little goes a long way.
I'm kind of an addict when it comes to Korpse Kosmetics. Their products are kind of like Pokemon in the sense that you want to "catch them all!" The glitters are all extremely high quality but at an affordable price.
The Glitter Stacker is:
The Individual Glitters Are:
Also I have a special to share with you guys! Right now for the entire month of December Korpse Kosmetics is having 30% off your entire order, when you order through their Etsy store. Enter the code: HOLIDAY2012 at checkout before shipping.**NOTE** If you decide to make a purchase from them, please let them know The Glam Kitty sent ya!
(I purchased everything in this review except the BBC individual glitter that was sent as a bonus in my package.)
Some or all of the products shown in this post were sent by the brand or their PR department for potential review or use. My priority is 100% to my viewers, and I do all I can to keep my reviews and videos true to how I feel with little or no involvement or opinions from the company supplying the product.
I hope everyone is having a fangtastic week!

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