Looking For 200 More Bloggers!

Bloggers, okay you remember the Happy Freebie sign up’s from not long ago! Well there was 15 bloggers selected and I am happy to be one of the 15 bloggers selected! However, we’re looking for 200 more bloggers to join us and become The HIVE of Happy Freebie!
So what is Happy Freebie?
Happy Freebie is a place to have fun online and discover cool new products! At Happy Freebie you can learn about new products and enter for a chance to win. Entering is simple, all you have to do is interact with the features products. It’s simple like, share, visit a website and your entered for a chance to win.
You’ll also have the opportunity to save money on new products! See a product that grabs your attention? Buy it at a 40% discount and if you win, Happy Freebie will refund your money.
So what’s in it for you as a blogger?
We are looking for The HIVE! Become part of the Happy Freebie HIVE!


What’s The HIVE?
Well if you enjoy new products that make people lifes easier, giveaways, discounts, and rewards, than keep reading. The HIVE is an exclusive group of 200 bloggers and writers that have influence on one of the following mediums: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, a blog, etc.
So what’s in it for you?
Join The HIVE and you’ll get access to our group giveaways, which will increase your online influence and provide you with new and exciting opportunity. You’ll get exclusive access to awesome new brands. There’s also going to be member only giveaways and rewards.
This is all just getting started, it’s the perfect time to join.
How long do I have to apply for The HIVE?
You’re able to apply for The HIVE until September 7, 2012.
Do I have to sign up again if I already applied?
Yes, you do need to sign up again. There is enough room for 200 bloggers.
Where do I sign up?
I look forward to having you applying to join us and become The HIVE of Happy Freebie! If you’re interested in applying, head on over to Happy Freebie and Sign up here!

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