DIY Anthropologie Scarf

So this week has been dedicated to updating my fall wardrobe. Yes a little early... but it is Oklahoma here where it is crazy weather, like, all the time.
   I was browsing in anthro the other day and I saw these great summer scarves.


anthro scarf 1anthro scarf 2

peony pop loop

The $48 price tags are not so great.
    So decided make it myself


DIY anthropologie scarf 1




Tips & Pointers: Ok basic run through. Take two old tees and snip a loop of fabric off just below the arms. I used one of my old shirts and one of the hubs so I would have two different size loops. Take your permanent fabric markers and color away. Don't be afraid of the color running through or your lines not being perfect. It is mostly about the burst of color and texture. Then run your loops under a faucet to smear the color a bit, it will fill in the gaps and give it that 'watercolor' feel. Pop em in the dryer. Once dry lay the loops out and fold the edges in on themselves. Lay the smaller loop onto of the bigger loop and wrap the larger loop around it in a two inch section, like how a bun wraps a hot dog . Take your yarn and tightly wrap a two inch section, all the while checking how the fabric lays. Adjust if need be so that the colored part shows. Secure with a knot and you are ready to hit the town with your bright and sassy summer scarf. I really like how the loops will stay put. For some reason with my regular infinity scarves I always end up getting choked out by the end of the day by. So wooo-hoo for not getting choked out.
Back to painting for me... my SUPER AWESOME project is almost ready for its big reveal! So excited! Check back after the weekend because the next few days are dedicated to getting this sucker done.

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