9 hours left for BH Cosmetics 50% Off All Makeup Palettes Sale!

All palettes $17.48 - 9.48
That's a really great deal! This also happens to include the 120 palettes. I haven't ever seen such a great deal from BH Cosmetics before. So take advantage while you can. These are great for beginners in makeup, or the even most advanced makeup enthusiast. I currently own the 120 Palette 2nd Edition and I use it in 98% of my tutorials. I really love it! The colors are high quality, extremely pigmented, and easily blended. I participated in this sale and ordered the 120 Palette 4th Edition, which is completely shimmer. 120 colors of sparkly and shimmery colors it too awesome not to get. Thanks to my awesome momma, that gave my christmas present early :D. Without her this purchase wouldn't have been possible, thanks momma!

I'll show you the difference in the palettes so you can choose for yourself which you like the best.

120 Palette 4th Edition:
Look at all those shimmery colors, that's too major. I'm a huge fan of anything glittery or sparkly. So I knew this palette was made for me. I find that I prefer working with shimmer colors more then just matte colors. Shimmer colors tend to get a little better color pay off and are more easily blended compared to matte colors. That's just my personal opinion.

120 Palette 3rd Edition:


This palette has a lot of warmer colors. So if you are a fan of fall like colors, this would be great for you. Also if you like smokey eyes, the bottom portion of this palette has a variety of colors and finishes for smokey eyes of many colors.

120 Palette 2nd Edition:

I absolutely love this palette! As I said earlier in my post i use it in 98% of my tutorials. It gets great color pay off and has a huge spectrum of colors to choose from in a variety of finishes. This is the best purchase I ever made and if you aren't sure which palette would make a "good" first purchase, then this is the palette for you. Plenty of neutrals and colors to choose from. This is my number 1 go to palette for every occasion.

120 Palette 1st Edition

This palette has a lot of bright colors but most that lean toward the pastel range. So if those are the colors you love the most then this is the palette for you :).

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