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This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means most of us will be given an extra hour this weekend to do whatever we want! Growing up, this extra hour was never wasted; most of the time, it was spent helping out with family chores or cleaning up and organizing around the house. While I can’t force you to do these things on Sunday (I’m not your parent, I can’t make you), I would encourage you to make the most out of this hour and have an extra productive day! Do something that you would normally put off, or something that isn’t really a priority but would be nice to get to at some point.
If you’re anything like me, bathroom organization is something that definitely falls into this category. My bathroom could always use a little cleaning up – not in the sense that it’s dirty, but in the sense that it tends to get a little cluttered…products tend to accumulate, cabinets fill up, and blow dryers get tossed aside in a hurry out the door. And don’t even get me started on the mountains of makeup : /
So, my challenge for you is this: Make the place where you get beautiful more beautiful, and do a little bathroom organization this weekend.
It can be hard to know where to start with organization projects, but here are some easy things you can do to clean out your bathroom and maximize your space.
1. Get rid of your old makeup. Here are some guidelines for knowing when it’s time to toss it.
2. The backs of cabinet doors are organization gold: hang things, store tools, add jars or hooks, adhere a magnetic strip to keep pins in one place…the opportunities are endless!
3. Don’t just dump your things on the counter! Well, at least make them look good: head to a craft store or discount home store and pick up some cute jars to toss your things in. Either mix and match, or go for a more classic look with glass or metal jars. You can also use pretty bowls and plates to hold any jewelry you wear on the reg. It will look tidier and more thoughtful!
4. Nail polish storage can actually be very pretty too. Keep your polishes in a giant clear glass jar – no more hiding them in a basket under the sink!
5. Clean. Your. Brushes. You have the time! (Click here for my ultimate brush cleaner.)
6. Organize your go-to makeup. Acrylic trays are great compartmentalizers. You can either buy something like this from IKEA that’s specifically for cosmetics, or get inexpensive desk organizers from any organization or super store. This is a great way to store your everyday makeup but also keep it readily accessible.
There are so many ways you can clean up and prettify a bathroom, but those are just a few. Getting ready in a neat and tidy area will make you feel so much more zen, especially if you have to share a bathroom!
Let me know if you try any of these methods out! And please share your own helpful organization tricks in the comments section below...I just might feature them in a future blog!

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