Naughty or Nice Collection (Holiday Collection) Korpse Kosmetics

Crisp Snow: a shimmery white with silver glitter

Frosty: a light blue with silver glitter

Holly Berries: a red with gold and red glitter

Jingle Bells: a shimmery gold

Tinsel-town: a shimmery silver with blue glitter

Gift Wrap: a shimmery berry with blue and pink glitter

Winter Wonderland: a dark blue with blue glitter

Wreath: a bold green with green and gold glitter

You can purchase this phenomenal collection and more at Korpse Kosmetics 

Which color(s) is/are your favorite from this collection? How do you plan to spend Christmas? What's on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear feedback from all of you lovelies :D.

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