Nails Of The Day: How To Use Eyeshadow Pigments To Achieve A Fabulous Winter Nail Polish

Clear Nail Polish - Wet N' Wild 
Eyeshadow Applicator - E.L.F Disposable Eyeshadow Applicators
Glamour Doll Eyes - Melancholy
Glamour Doll Eyes - Skin Of A Killer

This came out a really gorgeous shade and perfect for winter. I also would like to add, that I find when I use eye shadow as a nail polish, it holds up longer then most nail polishes that I own. I'm a stay-at-home mom so I'm constantly doing dishes, laundry, and other house chores. Most nail polishes won't last one day without chipping somewhat with the activities I do around the house. This does even without a Top Coat! So if you work somewhere you use your hands a lot, or are a housewife like me then this method will work great for you. It's a real pain when you take time out of your day to do your nails, and then they don't survive doing a load of dishes, haha.

Would you like to see more vids of tips and tricks like these? Have you tried this? What other methods do  use your eye shadows with? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from all of you lovely people!

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