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Hello everyone, this is my Prize Haul/Review for First let me give you a little "back-story" on the contest I entered etc. Last month, was hosting a sponsorship contest on their Youtube channel glameyezdotcom. I've been seeking sponsorship from a mineral makeup company of quality, for a few years now. So when I stumbled across this contest I was thrilled and decided to give it my best shot. I didn't win but that's alright I know there will be other contests. After she (owner) of announced the winners, she stated that everyone that participated; even if they didn't win would get some samples.  I was really excited because I wanted to try out the company and I thought that was a very generous gesture on her part! Thus began the current ordeal....

On October 6th the owner sent me a messaged on my Youtube channel saying that she would need my address to mail me some samples. I promptly replied, in order to get them a.s.a.p because I couldn't contain my excitement. I'm a makeup enthusiast and the thought of trying something new excites me! Well, October 14th rolled around and still no package :\. So i got worried and messaged the owner again to ask the status of the package also if maybe she had a tracking number that way we could locate the package if it was indeed lost. The company is located in Miami, Florida and I'm in Oklahoma so I thought to myself, "It should be here by now...".  She replied, "they dont have tracking, if they arent there next week let me know."

Next, October 21st rolled around and the package still hasn't arrived! I contacted the (owner) again this time I wrote, "It's been a week since our last correspondence, and the package still hasn't shown up :(. I'm really bummed out, I was looking forward to trying some of your products." To which she replied, "I sent it don't know what happen ill send it again send me your address." I promptly replied with my address again and was beginning to think that maybe, the package could have been backlogged because of Halloween. So the waiting game continued, haha. 

Then finally, November 3rd rolls around and still nothing. By now, I'm starting to get annoyed! I decided to write on the owners business facebook wall in hoping to get the matter resolved. I kindly wrote, "For some reason I still haven't got my prize samples :( and its been 2 weeks since we last spoke. I've had problems with my mail/packages getting to me late but never with something not showing up at all. What can we do to find out where the package went?" She then replied, "I sent out the samples I don't know what's going on. Send me your address again to (email) to verify if I had it correct. Sorry about that."

Now a red flag is being set off...she's asking me for my address again. So this is telling me you never sent the package to begin with and lied to me multiple times giving me the runaround. Notice that she never mentions trying to track down where the other packages she "mailed" went? I'm sorry but I don't like to use money no matter how small of the amount. I know that if I was a business owner and had mailed off multiple packages to a customer/consumer and they didn't get there; you'd better believe that I would be after to postal service trying to find where the packages went. She would be losing money and that can't be good for business. At this point I'm really put off by the way this has been handled but I was still willing to give her a chance to make it right. Today, my samples arrived to me! I was overjoyed....until I opened it. *I also did a video review so you can see live and in person what I received.*Here are the photos I took right as I opened the package:
Front of the package with business card on top.

Written at the top it says thanks for being a great subbie with a heart sticker. I thought, "Aww, how sweet!" Until I got in the package and seen what was next. 

Notice there's purple eyeshadow all inside the package. My initial thought was oh no, the bag must have popped open! Until upon further inspection I found this...

Damaged product! The bag is ripped or melted! What is this?!? Then I notice that the purple is all over the other bags, as well as the business card. So there's virtually no product left!

Another view of the damaged purple color. 

Inside view of the envelope the "prizes" came in.

Golden colored eyeshadow covered in the purple eyeshadow. 

Pink eyeshadow is the only one that made here in one piece. It's still covered in purple eyeshadow just a thinner coat. 

Back covered in purple eyeshadow.

Upon further inspection noticed that the Gold eyeshadow has a rip/tear blowout in the bottom as well. So 2/3 Samples sent to me were damaged. 

Back view of damaged Gold eyeshadow.

Another back shot of damaged purple with the business card.

Purple eyeshadow all over my desk from where the pink eyeshadow laid. 

Thank you for being a great subbie huh? This is how you thank me, for entering your contest and supporting your makeup company? 

I'm really upset and feel that this is pretty much a spit in the face and disrespectful to me. I've been nothing but patient and courteous throughout this whole ordeal! Not once have I been rude in anyway. If you would like to make this right then you may go ahead and do so. Until/if this is made right my, video and review will remain negative and live. 

What do you all think? What's your opinion regarding this matter? Leave me some feedback in the comments below or on my facebook page, thanks!

~The Glam Kitty - Countess Carnage

Update: So she decided name calling was the way to react to my review instead of trying to fix the problem. Enjoy the screen shots everyone! Kudos to Twizzie for calling her out on her bs <3.

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  1. Well I purchase things all the time and yes the company does replace the items that are damaged not the POST OFFICE. Postal Insurance is only for if the product does not arrive it never is replaced if it is damaged that is on the shippers shoulders. To ship them in an envelope without wrapping them in some sort of protection is ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for your feedback <3! I completely agree with you :).