Custom Fangs Review

All in all I'm generally happy with my fangs. They're very high quality and well worth the investment. Applying the fangs are super quick and effortless because they just snap on over your teeth. They make your lip stick out a little bit but that's to be expected with something foreign over your teeth. My molding kit got to me very speedy, just within 6 days of my actual purchase. As for how long it took the fangs to be made and to arrive it was 9 weeks total. Which isn't bad considering it's something to do with dental work. As for the molding kit I didn't really have any problems it was easy to melt down the little plastic ball thing's. My only problem mold was with my top teeth because I have really sensitive gums so removing the mold hurt a tad but the pain was worth it. The fangs that I got were the Blade Style Fangs.   

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