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Greetings fellow creatures of the night I have something exciting to share with you all today! Do you like video games? Are you into PC Gaming? Are you into mysteries and the supernatural? I have just the thing for you to check out my gameplay review featuring the game Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem. 

Gameplay Review: 

Check out the game for yourself here: 

The game is so much fun it has a really solid storyline and such beautiful scenery graphics. It has a great spooky soundtrack also that really sets the tone for the game. I'm obsessed with everything about this game I can't wait to complete it and find out how the story ends. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Nancy Drew series I've read several of the books and I even have a Neopets account with the name NancyDrewObsessed. If you're a fan of Nancy Drew or you like mysteries with a spooky vibe then I highly recommend picking up this game for yourself you're going to love it! #ad #gamer #gamergirl #gaming #pcgaming #nancydrew #midnightinsalem #games

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