How To Curl Your Brazillian Virgin Hair With A Straightener?

The use of several hair extensions types has spread widely across the globe. Since its advent in the 1950s, the market for several hair extensions both synthetic and human has been on the rise. Millions of profits are made annually from the production and sale of hair extensions. There are several variations of human hair extensions ranging from the human hair, Brazilian Remy hair, Brazilian virgin hair, and several others.

However, one of the most sought-after human hair extension is the Brazilian virgin hair. Known for its luscious and silky look, this hair extension is high on demand because of its durability, versatility, and uniqueness. While it is now readily available and can be purchased from online stores, not a lot of people understand how versatile this human hair is. The Brazillian virgin hair can be worn straight and curly no matter what texture it comes in. You do not necessarily need to visit a beauty parlor to achieve a different look while wearing this weave.

You can easily curl your virgin hair bundles at home with a hair straightener. If you're clueless about how to get this done, then here are a few tips;
Much like any other process, you would require some equipment. They are a professional flat iron, heat protectant, a detangling comb for parting your hair into sections, hairspray or a thermal heat spray.

●Prep Your Hair Bundles. Before beginning the process of curling, it is important to apply a heat protectant to avoid heat damage. There are several variations of heat protectants on the market to choose from. Some of the best are;

●Detangling And Sectioning. This step can come before applying a heat protectant however, this step is important for achieving satisfactory results. Section your Brazilian virgin hair and comb through each section to achieve satisfactory detangling. After tending to a particular section, pin it up, and tend to another.

●Curl With Your Professional Flat Iron. After properly detangling each section, curl each one after another by placing it in your hair straightener. You can decide where you want your curls to begin and place your hair in the iron accordingly. You can experiment with different techniques either alternate flicks and curls or more making more pronounced curls.

●Flicks: To achieve curly hair using the flick technique, start halfway down the length of a section of your Brazilian virgin hair. Clamp the iron closed on the sectioned and turn it back on itself in a half turn. Slowly move it down the hair shaft to the end.

●Curls: For curls, start fairly close to the scalp and follow the same technique. Be careful not to burn the scalp. It is important to note that for both techniques, the slower you move the iron the fuller your curls are and vice verse.

●Pronounced Curls: For more pronounced curls instead of turning your flat iron halfway, make a full turn. This will cause the hair to loop on itself and produce tighter curls.

For more texture and variation, you can decide to do one of the following. Change the size of each section, change the direction of curls, change the direction of curls close to your face, begin the curls at different parts of your section; close to your scalp or halfway through the section of your hair.
Once you're done with these steps, you can use your fingers to break the curls and apply Brazilian weave bundles lotion for a shimmery finish.

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