Sugarpill Elektro Cute Pigments Are Back In Stock!


Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine! All of Sugarpill’s Elektro Cute Pigments Collection is back in stock!

Such a gorgeous collection, I myself have all of them except the orange one which is Supercharged.


Love Buzz Elektro Cute Packet

Love Buzz Elektro Cute Pigment

Love Buzz is a brilliant neon hot pink with yellow/orange/red color-shifting super sparkles.

Supercharged Elektro Cute Pigment

Supercharged is a flaming coral orange with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.

Hi-Viz Elektro Cute Pigment

You could never get lost in a crowd with this one! Hi-Viz is a blazing neon yellow with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.

Sparkage Elektro Cute Pigment

Sparkage is a radioactive lime green with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.

Hellatronic Elektro Cute Pigment

Hellatronic is a flourescent indigo with red/purple/blue color-shifting super sparkles.


Get Your Sugarpill Here:

Hope you all are having a fangtastic week!


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