New Frame Up Brow Collection From Sigma Beauty!

Develop your go-to brow with the new 12-piece Sigma Beauty Frame Up Brow Collection, specially designed with modern grooming tools, highlights, pencils and wax. The Frame Up Brow Collection was created to bring light and shape to your brows for a picture-perfect, framed appearance.
Brow Expert Kit $49
The Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit contains a collection of seven fundamental tools and tints needed to arch, shape and groom the brows. Add this kit to your essential beauty routine to completely enhance your overall makeup look. The kit is available in Light, Medium and Dark.
  • Brow Powder Duo in light, medium or dark
  • Highlighting Powder Duo in Bring to Light
  • Brow Wax pencil
  • Grooming scissors
  • A dual ended E75 – Angle Brow and E80 – Brow and Lash
  • Large pencil sharpener

NEW! Brow Highlight Duo $14 each

  • Well Lit: Golden, subtle apricot, great for yellow skin tones.
  • Goddess Glow: Warm cantaloupe, natural golden shimmer, great for darker skin tones.
  • Bring to Light: Natural sandy shade, universal, creamy nude, comes with the brow collection.
  • Ray of Light: Buttery yellow, candle-lit shimmer and sheen, great for fair/pink skin tones.
The Brow Highlight Duo was created to sharpen and polish the brows for all hair shades. There are a range of colors to choose from to meet any style or skin color as a highlighter. Each duo has a matte finish and a light frost finish. Paraben-free.
Bring to Light:
Matte shade: Soft creamy nude
Frost shade: Neutral sandy shimmer
Ray of Light:
Matte shade: Lightest buttery yellow
Frost shade: Candlelit shimmer glow
Matte shade: Cool petal pink
Frost shade: Subtle apricot
Goddess Glow:
Matte shade: Creamy cantaloupe
Frost shade: Natural golden shimmer

NEW! Brow Pencil $9 Each
The Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil was created to match most brow hairs for a natural effect. Designed to for a subtle finish and are easily sketched into the brow. Paraben-free.
  • Clean Cut (light ash blonde): This pencil is great for the lightest of hairs. Perfect for a very natural look.
  • Dressed Up (warm mid tone brown): The most versatile of the pencils, it will add just the right amount of color and warmth for beautiful looking brows. Also great for redheads.
  • Elevate (rich dark chocolate): For the dark haired beauties, this pencil will help create that strong, on-trend brow.
  • Top Shelf (deep dark brown): This color is meant for those with dark, dark brow and black hair. This pencil is slightly lighter than black, giving your look a little more warmth in relation to harsh lines.
Clean Cut: A natural choice for blondes, this shade is light and ashy.
Dressed Up:The most universal pencil shade. Works well for a darker blonde to brown hair, or anyone who wants a medium shade in their brow.
Elevate: A deep brown that gives a beautiful sharpness to any look while adding warmth and definition to the brow.
Top Shelf: The deepest brow pencil shade, excellent for people with black hair. It is a dark brown with a bit of warmth, avoiding harshness.
NEW! Brow Wax $11
The Sigma Beauty Brow Wax features a clear wax formula perfect for grooming and taming the brows. A sharpened pencil, it stays pliable after application on the brows. Use before adding color, either powder or pencil, or after as a finishing touch. The brow wax can also be used alone for a simple, sleek look.
The Brow Wax is another new product to arrive in the Sigma brow category! Similar to brow gel, the wax is meant to keep those stubborn hairs in place. The wax is very easy to apply, just feather through the brow like you would a brow pencil. You can either apply before color or after, your choice! Wax is a lot more comfortable to ware, you do not have to wait for anything to dry and there isn’t a sticky, crisp feeling afterwards.
Last, but definitely not least are our Brow Powder Duos! Shades come in Auburn, Light, Medium and Dark retailing at $14.00 each.
Brow Powder Duo In Light:
Brow Powder Duo In Medium:
Brow Powder Duo In Auburn:
Brow Powder Duo In Dark:


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