What Should You Buy The Girl Who Has Everything?

Although it is traditionally men that are more difficult to purchase gifts for, there are also some girls who just have everything. Some girls are incredibly good at buying whatever they want, whenever they can; which doesn't leave a lot of scope for their friends or families at birthdays / Christmas / anniversaries etc. Here are a few things which many girls either don’t have or just can’t get enough of;

• Makeup brushes - you can never have enough of these. The thing is about makeup brushes that they need to kept clean and washed so it’s always smart to have a few spares handy whilst others are in the wash.


Makeup Case - girls cannot have too many makeup cases - not only are they perfect for keeping their makeup in but other stuff too. • A pampering weekend. Alternatively, just a day if your budget won’t stretch that far. Girls really love to be pampered - massage, beauty treatments, facials, spas, manicures and saunas pedicures . . . . their list is endless. • Then why not holding a surprise party? Some individuals hate surprises but others just love them - you need to know which category your girl falls into. If she doesn’t necessarily like surprises, should you only invite her closest friends she’ll be thrilled even.

• Say it with flowers - okay, so a plant to the garden is much more practical but that’s sort of the whole point. Splash on a great big bunch of beautiful, sweet smelling flowers and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to her face. Don’t just stop at one bunch, buy her several dozen and make it an extra grand gesture.


• How about a photograph of something special in her own life? Maybe her pet, maybe her family, possibly even you if you’re lucky. • How about a trip to her hairdressing salon for the entire works - fabulous head massage thrown in of course. • A vacation to the beauty parlor for a professional hair do, make up and massage combined with an enormous bunch of flowers as well as a table for just two at her favorite restaurant - or that restaurant which she wishes were her favorite but you can’t usually afford to frequent. • Shoes - you can never go far wrong with shoes but most girls will want to choose their very own footwear. A visit to their favorite shoe store having an unlimited budget wouldn’t go unnoticed though. • Take a peek through her online history when she’s not watching - but be ready to see some things which you might not want to see. Anyhow, you will be able to get some idea of the items she’s been keeping her eye on or searching for and beat her to it. Maybe it’s an amazing item of clothing, set of footwear, new makeup case and even an airbrush makeup kit. You could be surprised at what she’s been keeping a watchful eye on.

Or a once in a lifetime experience - a ride in a helicopter or a hot air balloon – that would be something that she’d never ever forget. 

• Make a collection of her favorite songs - not forgetting to add in your special songs. It is a classic idea but it’s still among the finest. • Write her a magazine, seriously. You are able to create your personal book, using photographs of family members or pets - just think up some sort of story and have it digitally printed for a few bucks. That’ll certainly be something special on your behalf, that she’ll keep forever. If you are really stuck and out of ideas, then head on over to thesalonoutlet.com for more makeup type inspiration.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and found it helpful. Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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