Product Review: Featuring Palmolive Fresh Infusions VoxBox From Influenster!

Palmolive Fresh Infusions VoxBox From Influenster!
(Ginger White Tea)

(Lemon Thyme)

(Lime Basil)

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My first initial thought when I opened the box is that the bottles were really pretty. I think it's brilliant that Influenster is branching out into all of these new companies. Previously I purchased Ginger White Tea and was pleased with it's performance as a dish soap. So I was all too thrilled, when this arrived on my door step.
Out of all of the fragrances to choose from I think Lemon Thyme is my favorite, with Lime Basil trailing in 2nd and Ginger White Tea in 3rd. I like Lemon Thyme the best, because it has the strongest fragrance of the 3. I enjoy the others too, as a matter of personal preference though I like the scent to be strong.
Lime Basil is great but it's scent isn't as strong as Lemon Thyme. Ginger White Tea has a very muted scent, so if you're a person who tends to get overwhelmed by strong scents then I recommend picking up Ginger White Tea. You can find these at your local Wal-Mart located in the cleaning products section. 
They retail for: $2.96 so with tax it will be a little over $3. Which in the long-run isn't a bad deal when you take in consideration how much product you're getting. The bottles are way bigger than the average dish soap in comparison.
All-in-all these are a great kitchen product not only is it practical and functional it is also really nice to look at.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


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