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Broadway Nails - imPress Press On Manicure in Hottie

Hope you all enjoyed this colorful and fun nail look and had wonderful weekend!

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a spectacular weekend It's a beautiful sunny day here in Oklahoma...I love it!

Anyway, I really need your help! Coastal Scents is currently holding a holiday look contest and the grand prize is a $300 gift card to Coastal Scents! How amazingly awesome is that?! In order to win said prize, I need you guys to 'LIKE' my 4th Of July look on there, (blog post coming soon for that one!). It is super quick and easy to no sign-up (you can just connect your facebook account and it's that much quicker). Then, to vote, all you need to to is click the vote button under the look title and number of votes (not the fb like, those do not count), and that's it!

It would really mean the world to me if you voted for my looks. If you do decide to, thank you in rock. Also, if I win the 1st or 2nd prize, I will be purchasing something for you all and host a giveaway to show my endless appreciation. I would not be where I am without you thank you!

Click the following link to vote for me:

As of right now 1st place isn't able to be reached, but we can still make it into 2nd place. We need 110 more votes to make it into 2nd :D. We can do it everyone <3!

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