Coming Soon To Glamour Doll Eyes Blogger Collection!

Here is a preview of some of the shadows from the collection. 

Blogger collection shadow #1: Southern Lace.  Hot pinkish red with silver and red sparkles.

(I think I'll pass on this one.)

Blogger collection shadow #2: Obscure. Created by Matte gray with a dusty purple undertone. This IS a matte shade so it is a little harder to work with!

(This seems like a color I may pick up in sample size.)

Blogger collection shadow #3: Mackinac. Created by @jessface90x. Mint green with red sparkles.

(I love the color green and this shade is unique. I don't have anything like this in my collection, so I will definitely try to snag this probably in a full-size.)

Blogger collection shadow #4: Sparkler. Created by @thatgirlshaexo. Rosey pink with silver sparkles.

(This is a pretty peach looking color, I think I will try to grab a sample size of this one as well.)

Blogger collection shadow #4: Calypso. Created by @aliciad372. Deepened teal with purple and gold sparkles.

(I think I have a color similar to this, so I'll probably end up passing this one up.)

Blogger collection shadow #6: Going Green. Created by cosmeticcouturier (Grace) of YouTube. Bright yellow with green duochrome and green sparkles.

(This one looks really interesting I may have to pick up a sample size of this one :D.)

Blogger collection shadow #7: Super Nova. Create by @bowsandcurtseys. Matte black with multi colored shimmers.

(I adore @bowsandcurtseys she's so freaking talented! I will be trying to pick up a full size of this one :).)

Blogger collection shadow #8: Lexington. Created by Vee to include a highlight in the collection. Satin white with green sparkles.

(This is a great looking highlight color, I don't own anything like this so I will definitely be getting at least a sample size of this.)

Blogger collection shadow #9: Soul Sisters. Created by @gleamogirljoelle and Dani of Light brown with purple and blue sparkles.

(Unique, i may try to get a sample size of this.)

These are all the sneak peeks that have been released so far, I will update you as more get posted on the Glamour Doll Eyes facebook. These will be releasing July 10th, so be sure to keep an eye out for the colors you want to pick up. 

You can find all of these and more at:

I hope you all enjoyed this little inside view of the upcoming Blogger Collection. Have a wonderful weekend!

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