Altador Cup Series: Team Darigan Citadel Tutorial Featuring Korpse Kosmetics

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This series is based off of the Altador Cup. It is a competition that goes on every year, that I participate in the virtual game world. Basically, there are 18 teams total and each team represents a particular world. The team Darigan Citadel is sort of a spooky desolate type of place, with towering fortresses that remind me a lot of the two towers from Lord Of The Rings. I'm going to be doing the colors, that represent each of the 18 teams. I'm not going in any particular order. The team that I'm supporting this year is Krawk Island, for those of you who play. Originally, I planned on doing masks for each team and I still may do that at some point. Right now though, it's a little bit harder to do with my son being out of school, I don't get as much quiet time. So for now, wearable looks for each team will have to do ;).

The Altador Cup is as I said earlier, is a competition between 18 teams. You play 4 different games, to help your team score the most points and essentially win the Altador Cup. The game that is the most difficult and gains you the most points is called Yooyuball. In this game you have to score goals against the opposing team. The team who scores the most goals wins, kind of like soccer but with Yooyuballs. There are several different kind of Yooyuballs, each do different things and move differently. The other games are really easy but don't score you as much points. So I recommend if you play anything at all play Yooyuball. You also gain ranks as you play. For example 50 Yooyuball wins will gain you rank 1. Each  rank has a different requirement of scores and goals to achieve. If this sounds like a game you might be interested in, feel free to click the link below to join.

I believe this has been my favorite look, I've done so far :). This look was so much fun to create :D. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 

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