Sneak Peek Liquid Eyeliners Coming Soon To Lime Crime Makeup May 23rd!

I haven't seen hardly any colored liquid eyeliners until now. Usually you can find Navy, Black, Silver, Brown and Gold but that's as wide-range as it gets, when it's liquid eyeliners. Lime Crime is releasing an exciting range of colors! My favorites are Quill, Lunar Sea, and Lazuli.
Look at all the beautiful colors!

First we have Quill, which is a solid black with a wet-shine drydown.


Then we have Citreuse, which is a bright, nearly neon chartreuse. It has a matte finish. 



Then there's Blue Milk, which is a pale sky-blue with a matte finish. 


Next we have Orchidaceous, which is a bright violet purple with a matte finish.


Then we have 6th Element, which is a vivid 'Fanta' orange, Leeloo would be so proud! This color is great for enhancing blue or grey eyes. This also happens to have a matte finish. 


Next there's Lunar Sea, which is a pure white with a matte finish. I think I like this one the best, because I use white eyeliners a lot and a liquid one is like double trouble :).

Shown here with Quill.


Finally we have Lazuli, which is a bright blue that leans slightly purple. This color is great for enhancing brown eyes, and is a matte finish. 


Then of course there's the entire collection. I love how lime crime does this, that way you can get them all for a discounted price vs. purchasing each one individually. 


You can pick these up at Lime Crime on May 23rd. Which color is your favorite? Which colors would you purchase? Leave your answers in the comments below, I love hearing from all of you <3!

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