Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 - A Korpse Kosmetics Look & Product Review (Pic Heavy)

Yesterday, I created a look using Korpse Kosmetics Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection and many of you were interested in this fun and whimsical collection. Keep on reading for tutorial, review, swatches and product shots.

Sorry, that I've been lacking on making videos lately. My son is on Spring Break, so I don't have as much quiet free-time. Also last Friday, my fiance' and myself were horsing around. I tried to whip my hair out of my face, and impaled my eye socket with the top corner of the chair post. Luckily, no serious damage occurred other then some bruising and tenderness. I've been waiting for it to heal, the bruise is still visible in my tutorial.  

  • Korpse Kosmetics - Operetta From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Korpse Kosmetics - Jackson From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Korpse Kosmetics - Toralei From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Korpse Kosmetics - Nefera From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Korpse Kosmetics - Cleo From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Korpse Kosmetics - Ghoulia From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Lime Crime - Opaque Lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket
  • Maybelline - Fit Me Concealer #15
  • NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

(Top Row Left To Right: Cleo, Ghoulia, Jackson)
(Bottom Row Left To Right: Operetta, Toralei, Nefera)
Swatched Over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk



(Cleo - Purple with Aqua Glitter. This is more of a blue based purple with an turquoise sheen and aqua sparkles. Photos do NOT do this shade justice, this is a brilliantly unique shade of purple.)


(Ghoulia - White with Blue, Fuchsia, and Green Glitter. This is a very sheer shade with a TON of sparkle. Makes a wonderful browbone highlight, and a fabulous inner corner highlight, when you want to add some more sparkle to a look. If you you're like me and can't get enough glitter, then this shade is for you!)


(Jackson - Yellow with Blue and Silver Glitter. This color reminds me of a beautiful bright yellow daisy, on a summer day.) 


(Operetta - Silver with Purple, Blue and Red Glitter. This is one of the most unique shades that I own, I adore it! I tend to use this color, for inner corner highlighting a lot. Photos are not enough, this is one of the prettiest shades I've seen in a long time.)


(Toralei - Orange with Hot Pink, Red, Yellow and Purple Glitter. This is a great medium-toned orange for Spring/Summer/Fall.)


(Nefera - Gold with Teal, Silver and Purple Glitter. This is the shade has a lot of shimmer <3. It's a wonderful, warm shade of golden brown. Great for taking a neutral look and giving it more sparkle.)

I adore this company and this collection of eye shadows. They're my number 1 go-to company, for eye shadow pigments. I will totally be buying from them again today :). If you do decide to purchase something from them, I have a pleasant offer for you! For the entire month of march, purchase any collection of your choice and get 2 free eyeshadows of your choice :). The sale will end on March 31st. 

Overall, this collection is really nice and a must-have if you're a big Korpse Kosmetics fan. The choice of colors are definitely unique and are unlike any other collections I've seen. As you can tell from the swatches, they are really bright and intense. If you want a more toned down look, skip the primer. The collection is priced at $22.50 USD and can be purchased at Korpse Kosmetics.    

I hope you guys found this review helpful! 
If you own The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection, let me know your thoughts on it. 
Take care, see you again soon! 

Some or all of the products shown in this post were sent by the brand or their pr department for potential review or use. My priority is 100% to my viewers, and I do all I can to keep my reviews and videos true to how I feel with little or no involvement or opinions from the company supplying the product.

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