Korpse Kosmetics - Too Ghoul For School Volume 1 Collection Product Review (Pic Heavy)

(Top Row Left To Right: Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Lagoona)
(Bottom Row Left To Right: Abby, Spectra, Clawdeen)
Swatched Over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

(Draculaura- Pink with Blue and Purple glitter. This is the most wonderful shade of pink, hands down!)

(Frankie Stein -light green with dark green and purple glitter. If I were to create my own personal shade of green, it would be this color. Simply stunning, my all-time favorite shade of green <3, out of my entire collection!)

(Lagoona - Aqua with gold, purple and pink glitter. This is a super pretty vibrant blue with gold flecks that is reminiscent on the sea.)


(Abby - light blue with hot pink & purple glitter. The closest way to describe this color would be a periwinkle, very nice color. )

(Spectra - lavender with dark purple, blue and pink glitter. This is a beautiful shimmery lavender/purple that screams spring time.

(Clawdeen - Shimmery Brown with light purple and gold glitter. This shade is perfect for giving the crease depth, when you aren't wanting to use an extremely dark black shade. Clawdeen makes a nice alternative, it's also wonderful when paired with neutrals or fall colors.)

All in all, I really love these shadows and company! I will totally buy from them in the near future and I hope you all do. I really don't think you will be disappointed. If you do decide to purchase something from them, I have a pleasant offer for you! For the entire month of march, purchase any collection of your choice and get 2 free eyeshadows of your choice :). The sale will end on March 31st.  

Okay, I wanted to give you guys a little more background/history of this collection before my full review. If you can't tell already by the names or labels, this collection is inspired by the Monster High series on t.v. Also, the adorable dolls they sell. I was one of the many I'm sure, that sent in suggestions for a Monster High Inspired Collection. If you aren't familiar with Monster High, here are a couple video clips and pics. That way you can get a better idea who they are  ,as well as what most of them look like.  


I was seriously impressed with these loose mineral shadows! There are tons of indie makeup companies out there, and Korpse Kosmetics really stands out from the crowd. Their packaging is cute and grungy and totally fun. I also really like the fact that the names of a lot of their products are named by customers/fans. So sweet. You can tell that a lot of thought and effort are put into these products. Knowing that they are also so involved with the manufacturing of the products on a more personal level is a HUGE plus in my book, and they are also very affordable. 

As for the shadows themselves, they are great! They are smooth, velvety and pigmented. They blend easily and nicely, and the color payoff is amazing. I adore all the color choices and the names are whimsical and creative. They also offer glitters which are to die for! I used their immortal glitter, I will use it in a future tutorial soon.  Immortal is incredibly sparkly, fine and rich. You can barely tell it's glitter when you touch it. I will be definitely purchasing some in the future and build a collection!  

This collection retails for: $22.50 at Korpse Kosmetics. I own several collections from Korpse Kosmetics and I'm never disappointed. The customer service is first-class, the shipping is lightning quick, and the prices are very affordable. They offer stunning and unique colors, but they quality and pigmentaion is impeccable, and they blend like a dream. If I had to rate this among all my other collections, this one would be number ONE! The colors are phenomenal and I find myself using this collection the most. On another note, I truly believe that the owner (Kimi) accurately captured each character in color form completely. 

I highly recommend this collection to anyone who is either a fan of Monster High, or loves bright colors. Either way this collection is a win and will be featured in my top products of 2012 video.

Thanks for reading this super long post/review and I really hope you liked this! Have a great week, and see you all again very soon <3

Some or all of the products shown in this post were sent by the brand or their pr department for potential review or use. My priority is 100% to my viewers, and I do all I can to keep my reviews and videos true to how I feel with little or no involvement or opinions from the company supplying the product.

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