New Collections From Korpse Kosmetics!

Dark Smoke Label

Dark Smoke Collection

Get Naked Label

Get Naked Collection

Both collections retail for $22.50 each. You can pick them up at Korpse Kosmetics. Right now they're having a sale :). If you spend $20 or more, you get 3 free eyeshadows of your choice! Make sure to put your 3 selections in the notes part before checkout. If you have any questions feel free to contact Korpse Kosmetics here:

Also they have 2 competitions going on right now. The first, you create and eyeshadow look featuring your favorite color. The prize is the Try To Follow Me Collection. Here is a direct link to the video of the 2nd Contest:

If you are a makeup enthusiast then I recommend you give these contests a try. I plan on entering as well :). Everyone have a wonderful day <3!

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