Nails Of The Day - Ombre Featuring Korpse Kosmetics

Korpse Kosmetics - Crisp Snow From The Naughty And Nice Collection (Limited Edition)
Korpse Kosmetics - Lagoona From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 1 Collection
Korpse Kosmetics - Paranormal 
Korpse Kosmetics - Teal We Meet Again
Korpse Kosmetics - Winter Wonderland From The Naughty Or Nice Collection (Limited Edition)
Pure Ice - Super Star!
Wet N' Wild - Crystalic Nail Fortifier 

This is the manicure I decided to come up with, to wear to my little brothers wedding yesterday. To achieve this look, I used 2 coats of Pure Ice - Super Star on my thumb nails. The other 4 nails had just one coat of the clear nail polish. Then I proceeded to mix the clear nail polishes with the eyeshadows. On my thumb nail is Crisp Snow over Super Star! The pointer finger has Teal We Meet Again. The middle finger has Lagoona. The ring finger has Winter Wonderland and on the pinky finger is Paranormal. I loved this monochromatic transition! I got loads of compliments on it at the wedding. My 2 favorite colors were Winter Wonderland and Lagoona, they made an amazing nail polish color. Well, I hope all of you enjoyed this Nails Of The Day. Be sure to check back every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday for new posts and videos. 

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