Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and my people of youtube! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve! I just wanted to talk a little bit about this past 2011 the good, the bad, and things that will be happening for me in 2012.

2011 had a handful of good moments for myself and my family. It's been a really hard year for us. So many bad things turned our world completely upside down, but we made it and survived. I met a lot of really good people this year! Finally, was able to get rid of some baggage that had been ruining my life for almost 4 years. This hateful, and terrible individual no longer has any power over my life or future. We have stripped him of any power he had over me and I finally at last can breathe and move on with my life. 

I tried to keep a lot of the things that were going on to myself and deal with it on my own. That's how I've always been my whole life. You can only keep stressful things buried within yourself for so long before they start to surface in other ways....panic attacks. I had never had anxiety or panic attacks a single day in my life until this year. I've been through a lot in my life but this was something new to me and I was really struggling. If you let it, they can be really debilitating. There were some days, I would just shut myself away in my room and just stare at the wall for hours on end. If it wasn't for my beautiful children and the dear sweet man in my life, those awful panic attacks would have consumed me.

I also wanted to thank my friends and family as well as my people of youtube, for supporting me every step of  the way. Each and every one of you are very special and dear to me. Without all of you I would have never made it through 2011 with a smile. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

2011 did bring a few good moments :). My boyfriend Tommy and I are getting married in April! Yes, that's right I'm engaged. I couldn't be happier that I at last found my soul mate. My channel on Youtube has grown by leaps and bounds. Thank you again, to everyone for your continued support. 

What is 1 of your hopes and/or resolutions for the New Year?
One of my resolutions is: To try and cut back on drinking as much pepsi and drink more water.
One of my hopes, is that I can continue to encourage others and be a little ray of hope, sunshine and love in a world that's mostly negative, dark and unhappy. Goodbye 2011, and hello 2012! Lets make it a great year. Happy New Year everyone, stay safe and don't drink and drive.

Upcoming changes to my channel:
- Upgrade camera that I film with to something higher quality.
- Get my own website again.
- Upgrade video editing software for better effects and professionalism in my videos.
- Better lighting all around for product photos and filming.
- More collaborations with lovelies of youtube.
-  More series, a regular filming schedule, more product reviews, more how-to's. 
- Loads more!

Now, onto the tutorial for the New Years Eve look!

New Years Eve 2011 Tutorial:

List Of Products:
Clinique - High Impact Volume Mascara
E.L.F - All Over Cover Stick in Ivory
Glamour Doll Eyes - Black Ice from the Twi-Shadows Collection
Korpse Kosmetics - Crisp Snow from The Naughty and Nice Collection (Limited Edition)
Korpse Kosmetics - Jingle Bells from The Naughty and Nice Collection (Limited Edition)
L.A. Colors - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sunglasses
Maybelline - Fit Me Foundation #115
NYX - Jumbo Pencil in Milk
NYX - Black Label Lipstick in Chaos
Sigma Brushes

Where to find products:

Final Look:

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