Pure Ice Crackle Collection Part 1

I admit I am a sucker for these damn crackle type nail polishes!  Over the weekend I noticed these Pure Ice Crackle polishes at Walgreens and knew I had to pick up a couple. I also saw that Sally Hansen has a few crackles out now as well, but I have seen a few reviews on those ones and wasn't impressed. The Pure Ice crackles are $3.99 each and come in a wide variety of colors.  I chose 4 different colors than any of the crackles I already have, in case they were good and then I would have "duplicates" of similar colors. I admit I didn't hold high hopes for these nail polishes because I have tried some from the regular line of Pure Ice and though they was kinda eh. So of course we had to put these to the test!
I tried to so them all over a lighter color and a darker!

 Catwalk- bright lemon yellow with some shimmer. 
I was actually surprised how well this one showed up. In the bottle and on the brush it looked like it was going to be pretty sheer. I think it showed up really well!
 Over a bright pink
 Over a glittery gunmetal
 Shattered- Bright lime green, no shimmer. This one was a little thicker than some of the others and wasn't as easy to work with. At first I didn't think it was going to crack very much .
 Over a bright pink
 Over a perfect purple
(this one reminds me of the ninja turtles for some reason)
 Crushed-  bright tangerine orange with a pearly shimmer
This one cracked the best out of all of the Pure Ice Crackles
 Over  bright yellow!
 Over a bright pink. I realize you can barely see this one, and honestly I like that. I think it gives you a nice edge without looking BAM in YO FACE!  If you move the nail  you can see the difference and I think it gives a nice splash of spice.
 Lightning Strikes- nice metallic sparkly silver.
This one is super sheer and super easy to work with. This one is my favorite of the bunch
 Over China Glaze's For Audrey
Over a bright pink.

I give these polishes a 10!!! I love them! I can honestly tell you I like these more than the O.P.I Shatter or the China Glaze Crackles. I think the Shatters and the CG Crackles are thick and you have to be quick with working with them or hope for the best once it's on your nail. I also have issues with them being kinda clumpy at the  rim of the jar  because of trying to get a thin amount on the brush. That's why I like that these Pure Ice ones are a thinner formula. Not to mention they are much cheaper than the other 2 as well.

I must go back and get a few more colors!
Will you give these a chance if you see them in the store?

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