Glamour Doll Eyes Contest Prize

I recently entered a one of the Glamour Doll Eyes, 12 days of giving contest, to win a custom eyeshadow tower. To enter the contest all you had to do was leave comment with a list of your "dream tower". Basically, all the colors you want the most :). I decided to go with colors from the Twilight Collection that I had been drooling over for some time. The colors I chose were: Just Bitten, Black Ice, Dear Mom, Mood Swing, Premonition, and Big Brother. I originally entered this contest thinking that there was a good chance that, I wasn't going to win. As with most contests, there is usually a small chance of success. I was extremely surprised, when I got up the next morning to check the winners and I saw my name there :D. It made me really happy to actually win something awesome, because I don't usually have very much luck when it comes to contests and winning things. Here are some pics of my nifty prize. I have to say I really love the packaging its very useful. When I purchase more colors in the future, I will probably be purchasing it in tower form :). Anyways, I don't mean to seem bragadoscious but I just thought I had to share this with you. I look forward to playing around with these colors and making some tutorials with them in the very near future.

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